BSTFLEX Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Sleeve

Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Sleeve is a high temperature, heat and flame resistant thermal insulating sleeve that will withstand temperatures of up to 1500°F / 815°C continuous exposure.  The base high temperature braided fiberglass sleeve is fabricated from high quality type E fiberglass that will not burn. The sleeve is then coated with a vermiculite dispersant adds abrasion resistance and anti-fray properties
This Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Sleeve resists most acids and alkalis and is unaffected by most bleaches and solvents.  It is highly flexible and conformable. This Sleeve is used to protect industrial wires, cables, hydraulic hoses, tube and pipe as well as affording personnel protection and energy savings.
Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Sleeve
Available in thin wall (1/16 in. / 1.6mm.) and thick wall (1/8 in. / 3.18mm.).
1500°F / 815°C continuous exposure with excursion to 2000°F / 1093°C.
Vermiculite adds Fire resistance, Anti-Fray and improved abrasion resistance and higher temperature capabilities which makes this sleeve a good insulator for hose, cable and copper or aluminum tubing

BSTFLEX Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Fabric

Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Fabric is woven from continuous texturized E-fiberglass yarns, has good chemical and fire resistant, it will withstand temperatures of 1500°F / 815°C continuous exposure. Vermiculite coating improve abrasion resistance, which acts as armor to the fiberglass, providing better resistance to direct flame. Heat travels across the fabric—not through it. The vermiculite coating also adds abrasion resistance to the fabric.
Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Fabric Typical Applications:
Welding blanket and curtains
Expansion joints
High temperature insulation
Heat shield and containment
Gaskets, oven door seals
Removable insulation cover
Safety clothing

BSTFLEX Fiberglass Needle Mat

Fiberglass Needle Mat is a mechanically bonded glass fiber insulation blanket of uniform density supplied in thicknesses of 3 mm to 50 mm that offers reliable, superior performance for continuous operating temperatures up to 1000° F (538° C) and excursions to 1200° F (649° C). 
Fiberglass needle mat, or fiberglass needle felt, provides an excellent source of both thermal and acoustic insulation used in petrochemical refineries,  valve cover fabrication, automotive applications, and for die-cut applications.
The Fiberglass Needle Mat is manufactured from a well-controlled assortment of long textile glass fibers to assure uniform mechanical bonding with no additional binders, thereby assuring insulation efficiency during extended exposure of elevated temperatures.
Temperature resistance from 550 °C to 1,600 °C
Thickness: approx. 3 – 50 mm
Area weight: approx. 300 – 8,000 g/m²


BSTFLEX Braided Basalt Sleeve

1200°F / 648°C Continuous Exposure: Higher Intermittent
Braided Basalt Sleeve has outstanding electric insulation, high temperature resistance and chemical-corrosion resistance making it the best choice in wire stripping parts of electric apparatus, inner connecting wire and pipe insulation of all kinds.
Braided Basalt Sleeve is made of the braiding continuous basalt fiber.
Working Temperature
Braided Basalt Sleeve withstand 1472 F/ 800°C continuous exposure
High Temperature proof Heat resistance High Insulation.
Excellent electric insulation chemical corrosion
High chemical stability sound proof
Typical Applications
It should be processed and surface-treated when being applied. Its outstanding properties of electric insulation, high temperature resistance, chemical-corrosion resistance make it be the best choice in the wire stripping parts of the electric apparatus and generator, inner connecting wire, all kinds of thermo-junction parts of the insulation pipe as well as the basic material of marked pipe, brush tube and high temperature resistance composite tube.
Inside diameter of  Braided Basalt Sleeve is avaliable from 1 mm to 150 mm.


BSTFLEX V Titanium Exhaust Wrap

BSTFLEX provide special V Titanium Exhaust Wrap, same material as other titanium exhaust wrap.
Titanium Exhaust Wrap is extremely durable and capable of handling more heat than any other exhaust wrap found in the market today.
Typical glass fiber exhaust wrap is rated at handling 1200 degrees F of maximum direct heat, while V Titanium Exhaust Wrap is capable of handling direct continuous heat up to 1800 degrees F and radiant heat up to 2800 degrees F. 
This V Titanium Exhaust Wrap is constructed from pulverized lava rock, extruded into fibers and then woven into a tight weave gives this material titanium-like strength and toughness. This improvement in thermal protection helps reduce underhood temperatures resulting in cooler air intake for improved performance. And less heat in the engine bay means reducing the chances of “heat soak” conditions on vital underhood components.
Heat protection up to 2800°F degrees
Made from pulverized lava rock


BSTFLEX turbo blanket heat shield

The turbo blanket isolates the heat produced by your turbocharger, and prevents that heat from damaging, or even igniting, components surrounding the turbocharger within your engine compartment, such as plastic and rubber hoses and electrical wiring, as well as painted surfaces, such as the engine bay and the surface of the hood. Also, it prevents areas of localized high temperature from damaging the engine itself.
In keeping the exhaust gases within the turbocharger hot, turbocharger efficiency is improved. As you may know, the hotter a gas is, the more expansive it is. Within a contained system of a specified size, the more expansive a gas is, the greater the pressure derived and thus, the greater the flow of gas to escape the containment. With this increased pressure and flow rate for a given engine RPM, the acceleration of the turbocharger's impeller is increased as compared to the same turbocharger with the engine at the same RPM but with cooler exhaust gases. This equates to faster spool up of the turbocharger, as well as greater attainable levels of boost. What a driver will experience with a turbo blanket is greater turbocharger responsiveness. The faster spool up of the turbocharger means less turbo lag and a more linear power curve.
As you may know, it is very important to keep engine intake air cool. This is why intercoolers are often utilized with turbochargers. Similar to above, the cooler a gas is (such as intake air), the more dense it is. The more dense the intake air, the more oxygen it contains per unit volume. The more oxygen reaches the engine, the more power can be obtained. In keeping the heat of the exhaust gases contained within the hot side of the turbocharger and away from the cool side of the turbocharger and the intake path, more oxygen per unit volume reaches the engine, and thus, more power.

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