BSTFLEX Cable and Hose Heat Protection

BSTFLEX Cable and Hose Heat Protection is designed to afford protection against radiant heat, this aluminium and glass fibre constructed tube can be used to shield a wide variety of pipes, tubes and cables.
Due to the use of special materials in the construction of BSTFLEX heat protection tubes that have a highly reflective aluminium surface, the source of radiation can be up to 800°C, dependant on application conditions.
Due to the materials used the heat protection tubes also offer good resistance to vibration, particularly important in the automotive industry.
Cable and Hose Protection
Cable and Hose Protection
-40°C to + 250°C, at identical inner and outer temperature. 
Flexible and malleable for ease of fitting/installation.
Available in a range of diameters from I.D 6 to 52mm
Can be supplied at 20m coils or in cut length parts (subject to minimum volume requirements)
For protection against radiant heat of:
Coolant tubes
Aircon pipes
PAS tubes, fuel pipes
Manual & automatic gear shift cables
Speedometer cables
Bowden cables
Electric cables
Wiring harnesses


hydraulic hose protection sleeve

hydraulic hose protection sleeve is a common term for a Silicone coated fiberglass sleeve, generally used in industrial or aerospace applications.
Fiberglass acts as an insulator or barrier for constant temperatures up to 540ºC. Silicone is generally able to withstand temperatures up to about 260C degrees continuous. Silicone, however, has the added benefit of being able to withstand and repel much higher temperatures for short durations, including liquid molten metals.
Fire sleeve is used as a protective sleeve on industrial hoses, hydraulic hoses, cables, wires, etc.
hydraulic hose protection sleeve generally refers to two variations: An aerospace version is made with a braided fiberglass substrate and is commonly used in the aerospace industry. Its construction enables qualified hose assemblies to meet the SAE standards which have been established relative to the protection which this product provides.
An industrial version, constructed of a knitted fiberglass substrate is also available. Because it is less expensive it is more commonly used in hot industrial applications where this type of protection is needed. The industrial version will not meet the SAE standards.
Fiberglass sleeve—without the Silicone rubber coating—has a higher continuous temperature rating, up to 1000ºF or 540ºC and is available as a knitted or braided sleeve for protection of hoses and cables where molten splash protection or weld splatter protection is not required.
Fire sleeve is used for industry, aerospace, automotive, mining.