BSTFLEX Exhaust Pipe Heat Shield Blanket

Custom fabricated BSTFLEX Exhaust Pipe Heat Shield Blanket systems for engine and generator exhaust components such as mufflers, turbo-chargers and pipe feature high temperature capability, reduction of thermal radiation and convection within the engine room and sound reduction.  Often used for marine powerplants & generators and stationary backup power systems for industrial, commercial and municipal installations.
A thick needled fiberglass or silica insulation is mechanically supported by a stainless steel or inconel mesh and an outer fabric of either silicone rubber coated fiberglass, aluminized fiberglass or silica. Fiberglass is suitable for most non-turbocharged reciprocating engines. Silica may be required for turbo-charged engines and is required for gas turbine engine applications
Exhaust Pipe Heat Shield Blanket is specially designed for exhaust piping, elbows allowing for hangers/brackets, flanges, clamps, etc. We also makes special blankets for flex connectors, bellows and expansion joints. The insulation materials used allows for contraction, expansion and vibration.
Removable blanket sections are assembled with either locking wire or spring clips with stainless hook fasteners or mushroom cap rivits mounted on the fabrics.

BSTFLEX heat reflective silicone coated fiberglass sleeve

Heat Reflective Silicone Fiberglass Sleeve is non-alkali fiberglass braided sleeve coated with special inorganic reflective compound silicone rubber. Heat Reflective Fiberglass Sleeve is treated at a suitably high temperature to prossess excellent flexibility, toughness, self-extinguishment and dielectric strength, and to obtain a temperature classification of 180°C.
It has especially good radiation resistance in addition to resistance to ozone, moisture, corona, weathering, fungus and chemical attack. 
It is used extensively in the construction of wiring harnesses for use in motor vehicles.

More product please visit www.firesleevetec.com or www.bstbraidedsleeve.com

Technical Datasheet
MaterialFiberglass, silicone
Working temperature-75 - +180
Melting point+250
Dielectric Strength7 KV
FlammabilityCombustible,but the glass fibre stands
Standard ColorSilver
MOQ200 meter each size
Cutting toolScissors
Special size, length, package upon request.
Custom LOGO upon request.