BSTFLEX Muffler Heat Shield Blanket

BSTFLEX Muffler Heat Shield Blanket is made by customs drawing. Use special materials and special thread.

Removable blanket type insulation can be custom made for each application. Send your drawings or we can offer field service measurement and installation.

BSTFLEX Heat Shield Blanket are used to insulate engine parts, exhaust piping and components, and industrial process piping and machinery. In particular, applications which use diesel engines, such as power generation, off highway & on-highway vehicles, and marine often require insulation blankets to manage the heat that these engines generate.

We offer fiberglass, ceramic, silica, basalt, aramid materials. With silicone, PTFE, aluminum, vermiculite, PU coating.
Can use basalt, silica, fiberglass, aramid, stainless steel fiber high temperature thread for sewn.


BSTFLEX basalt fiber sewing thread

basalt fiber sewing thread is a new mineral fiber with the main material of basalt, and it is a new fiber material which made of rocky wool by high temperature melting and refrigeration. It not only has the specifications of asbestos and fiberglass, but also has other kinds of excellent capabilities. For example:

resisting the high temperature of 700 Degree C, and resisting the low temperature of -270 Degree C;
high intensity and high elasticity module;
low ratio of booting heat, insulating heat, absorb  sound and insulating sound;
resisting the corrosion of acid and alkali
smooth surface of the silk, good ability of being weaved, resisting rubbed, soft feeling and non-harm to body.

basalt fiber sewing thread is widely used in sewing of high temperature resistant fabrics, and  filter bags, also used as electric insulation material, thermal insulation material, filler for electric cables, fire proof material, wicks, sealing material, winded electric heating wires, and heat elements.

BSTFLEX Silica Fiber Sewing Thread

Silica Fiber Sewing Thread is made of multi-ply 96% pure SiO2 silica fiber yarn treated with PTFE after high twist compound. It features high tensile strength, good sewing property and high temperature resistance.

Silica yarn is a necessary fitting material and used to sew filter bags,fire blanket on industrial high-speed sewing machine, also used to sew weak alkali-resistant weave and used in high temperature cable braiding.

It can be used below 1000℃ for a long period of time, with high tensile strength. It will fulfill the need of sewing filter bags used in carbon black/metallurgy/cement industries.

Continuous working temp.: 1100c degree
Instant working temp: 1400c degree

Silica Fiber Sewing Thread Application:
--Used for sealing and insulating products
--Sewing safety clothing, gloves, welding and fire blankets

BSTFLEX Stainless steel sewing thread

Stainless steel sewing thread
Material : 12UM Stainless steel fiber 
Twist: Z twist  22.7twist/10cm
Gram Weight:26.4g/100m
This twisted yarn is used for sewing , it's also called sewing thread which can be used with sewing machine .
Stainless steel sewing thread Applications
1.Industry,civilian and military,
2.Textile,filtration,metallurgy and paper making
3.Antistatic brush, antistatic wrist strap etc
4.Sewing thread ,Transmission line , Heating wire , kintting


BSTFLEX Twisted Fiberglass Rope

BSTFLEX Twisted Fiberglass Rope is a non-asbestos product used in low pressure in ingot moulds, pipe insulation,thermal shields. It is made of high quality texturized fiberglass yarns by twisting process(one-strand twisting or multi-strand twisting), it is the most economic fiberglass rope. This rope will not burn will withstand continuous exposure to temperatures of 1000°F / 520°C. This material resists most acids and alkalis and is unaffected by most bleaches and solvents. It is highly flexible and conformable.
Dia. 5mm up to 25mm
It can used as a gasket or seal on boiler, coke oven, industrial oven and wood stove/pellet stove doors. It is also used for crucible packing and pollution control equipment, high temperature tying and lacing cords, as a core rope in tadpole tapes and as a pipe wrap

BSTFLEX Twisted Fiberglass Rope quick faces
Diameter:                  5mm-25mm
Roll length:               30m-200m
Weight:                    25g/m-490g/m
Temperature Resistance:    550℃