BSTFLEX Basalt Fiber Needle Felt

Basalt Fiber Needle Felt in the basalt interspersed single fiber disorder interlaced to form a non-directional three-dimensional porous structure. As a result of 7-9μm smaller fibers, large surface area, porosity is about 80%, non-boron, can be used for advanced air filtration and purification, thermal acoustic insulation materials, hot-rolled steel mirror, aluminum and high temperature soft bedding materials.
Basalt Fiber Needle Mat Application
    Advanced air filtration system; electronics industry filtration, sound absorption, heat insulation, anti-vibration system; chemical, toxic and harmful gases, smoke and dust filtration systems; car muffler, ships, ship insulation, thermal insulation, noise reduction systems

Exploitation temperature is from -200 °C and till + 700 °C . The basalt fiber needle mat is highly resistant to aggressive media.